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  Biography of Bloch, Carl Heinrich  

Bloch, Carl Heinrich

 Text list of Bloch, Carl Heinrich oil paintings
- Casting out the Money Changers
- Christ and a Boy
- Christ at Gethsemane
- Christ at Gethsemane II
- Christ at Gethsemane I
- Christ at Gethsemane III
- Christ Healing
- Christ Healing by the Well of Bethesda
- Christ Teaching at the Temple
- Come Unto Me
- Consolator
- Crucifixion of Christ
- Denying Satan
- Doubting Thomas
- Fleeing to Egypt
- Mary and Elizabeth
- Osteria
- Shepherds Abiding in the Fields
- Supper at Emmaus
- The Annunciation
- The Baptism of Christ
- The Burial of Christ
- The Crucifixion
- The Imprisoned Danish King Christian II
- The Raising of Lazarus
- The Resurrection II
- The Resurrection III
- The Sermon on the Mount
- The Slaughter of the Innocents
- The Transfiguration
- Turning Water to Wine
- Woman at the Well I