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  Biography of Briullov, Karl  

Briullov, Karl

 Text list of Briullov, Karl oil paintings
- A Dream of a Girl Before a Sunrise
- A Turkish Girl
- An Interrupted Date
- Bathsheba
- Child in a Swimming Pool Portrait of Prince A G Gagarin in Childhood
- Confession of an Italian Woman
- Delphi Valley
- Diana Endymion and Satyr
- Dreams of Grandmother and Granddaughter
- Erminia and the Shepherds
- Fete in Albano
- Fountain in Bakhchi Sarai a
- Fountain in Bakhchi Sarai b
- Fountain in Bakhchi Sarai c
- Genius of Art
- Girl in a Forest
- Grape Harvest Celebration
- Greek Morning in Myraca
- Head of an Abbot
- In a Harem
- Interrupted Date
- Italian Woman Heavy with a Child Examining a Shirt and Her Husband Making a Cradle
- Italian Woman with a Child by a Window
- Italian Woman Blowing a Kiss
- Italian Woman Lightning a Lamp in front of the Image of Madonna
- Juliet Tittoni as Jeanna D Ark
- Narcissus
- Nun s Dream
- Pifferary in front of Madonna
- Pilgrims at the Entrance of the Lateran Basilica
- Portrait of A N Lvov
- Portrait of Alexander Bruloff
- Portrait of Beck and Her Daughter Beck
- Portrait of Francesco Ascani
- Portrait of I A Beck
- Portrait of I A Krylov
- Portrait of Likhonin
- Portrait of Obolensky
- Portrait of Princess Ye P Saltykova
- Portrait of Princess Bagration
- Portrait of Singer Petrova
- Portrait of the Archeologist Michelangelo Lanci
- Portrait of the Architect and Painter Alexander Brulloff
- Portrait of the Architect K A Ton
- Portrait of the Artist Sylvester Shchedrin
- Portrait of the Secretary of State Piotr Kikin
- Portrait of U M Smirnova
- Portrait of Yanenko with Armour
- Portrait of Ye I Durnova
- Portrait of Ye I Ton
- Portrait of A N Demidov Prince of San Donato
- Portrait of O P Ferzen on a Donkeyback
- Portrait of the Professor of the Moscow Medical Academy Janish
- Portrait of V A Kornilov on Board the Brig Themistocles
- Portrait of Archbishop Giuseppe Capecalatro
- Portrait of Baroness I I Klodt
- Portrait of M A Kikina
- Portrait of Samoilov
- Portrait of Sculptor I P Vitaly
- Portrait of the Shishmariov Sisters
- Portrait of Abaz
- Portraitof Countess O I Orlova Davydova and Her Daughter
- Rider
- Ruinsin Park
- Scene at the Entrance of a Cathedral
- Self portrait with Baroness Ye N Meller Zakomelskaya and a Girl in a Boat
- Svetlana Guessing on Her Future
- Sweet Waters Near Constantinople
- Temple of Apollo in Phigalia
- The Last Day of Pompeii b
- The Last Day of Pompeii c
- The Last Day of Pompeii d
- The Last Day of Pompeii a
- The Last Day of Pompeii e
- Vespers
- Village of San Rocco near the Town of Corfu