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  Biography of Hokusai, Katsushita  

Hokusai, Katsushita

 Text list of Hokusai, Katsushita oil paintings
- A Beautiful Woman
- A Fishing Boat with Mt Fuji
- A Green Hilly View of Mt Fuji over a Lake
- A Rocky Mountain Seen by the Water
- Ebizo
- Feminine Waves (Menami)
- Fine Wind Clear Morning
- Hibiscus and Sparrow
- Inume Pass in Kai Province
- Masculine Waves(Onami)
- Measuring a Pine Tree at Mishima Pass in Ko Province
- Mt. Fuji in the Sunset
- Reflection in Lake Misaka
- The Great Wave Off Kanagawa 1823
- The Katakura Tea Plantation in Suruga Province
- The Waterfall Where Yoshitsune Washed His Horse Yoshino Yam
- Thunderstorm at the Foot of the Mountain 1832
- Winter Evening in Japan