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  Biography of Henry, Edward Lamson  

Henry, Edward Lamson

 Text list of Henry, Edward Lamson oil paintings
- A Chat after Meeting
- A Country School
- A Country Lawyer
- A Lover of Old China
- A Moment of Peril
- A Philadelphia Doorway
- An Afternoon at the Beach
- An Informal Call
- An October Day (also known as Cragsmoor Post Office)
- At Home with a Good Book
- At the Watering Trough
- Bear Hill
- Can They Go Too
- Carriage Ride
- Coming Home
- Country Landscape
- Drafting the Letter
- Early Days of Rapid Transit
- Examining Illustrations by the Fire
- Horse and Buggy
- Horse and Buggy on Main Street
- In East Tennessee
- Interior at Petworth
- Memories
- Moonlight Landscape with House
- Mrs Lydig and Her Daughter Greeting Their Guest
- News of the War of 1812
- Old Enemies
- On the James River Virginia
- One Sunday Afternoon
- Parlor on Brooklyn Heights of Mr and Mrs John Ballard
- Return to the Farm
- Scene along Delaware and Hudson Canal
- Spinning Jenny
- St Marks in the Bowery in the Early Forties
- Stopping for a Chat
- Stopping to Water His Horses
- Sunday Morning
- The 9 45 Accommodation 1867
- The Army of General Burgoyne
- The Butler Hard Rubber Factory
- The Camden and Amboy Railroad with the Engine
- The Conversation
- The Homecoming
- The John Hancock House
- The Lafayette Reception
- The Latest Village Scandal
- The Little Flower Girl
- The New Woman
- The North Dutch Church Fulton and William Streets New York 1869
- The Old Westover House
- The Old Clock on the Stairs
- The Pillory and Whipping Post New Castle Delaware
- The Sitting Room
- The Sunny Hours of Childhood
- The Village Street
- The Widower
- Unexpected Visitors
- Village Squire Entertaining the New Minister
- Visit to the Plantation
- Waiting for the Stagecoach
- Waiting for the Ferry
- Westover Virginia
- What Luck
- Whats That You Say
- Whats the News
- Woman with Baby
- Young Girl with a Parrot