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  Biography of Edwin Lord Weeks  

Edwin Lord Weeks

 Text list of Edwin Lord Weeks oil paintings
- A Court in The Alhambra in the Time of the Moors 1876
- A Persian Cafe
- A Rajah of Jodhpur
- A Royal Procession c.1895-1902
- A Street Market Scene, India 1887
- Along the Ghats, Mathura
- An Indian Gharry
- An Indian Hunting Party
- An Open Air Kitchen, Lahore, India
- Arabs on the Move
- Arrival of Prince Humbert, the Rahaj, at the Palace of Amber
- Arrival of a Caravan Outside The City of Morocco c.1882
- Before a Mosque
- Birdhouse and Market Ahmedabad, India
- Blacksmith Shop at Tangiers 1876
- Blue Tiled Mosque at Delhi, India
- By the Well
- Courtyard in Morocco
- Craftsman Selling Cases by a Teak Wood Building, Ahmedabad
- Departure For The Hunt
- Early Morning by Lake Urumiyah, Persia
- Elephants and Figures in a Courtyard, Fort Agra
- Entering the Mosque
- Feeding The Sacred Pigeons, Jaipur
- Festival At Fatehpur Sikri c.1885
- Figures in the Courtyard of a Mosque c. 1893-1895
- Gate of Shehal, Morocco 1880
- Gate of the Fortress at Agra, India
- Girl in a Moorish Courtyard
- Granada Courtyard
- Great Mogul and his Court Returning from the Great Mosque at Delhi, India
- Hindu Merchants
- Horse Market, Persian Stables, Bombay
- Indian Horsemen at the Gateway of Alah-ou-din, Old Delhi
- Indian Prince and Parade Ceremony
- Indian Prince, Palace of Agra
- Interior of the Mosque at Cordova
- Leaving For The Hunt At Gwalior C.1887
- Leaving for the Hunt
- Man in Armour
- Man Leading a Camel
- Market Place at Agra
- Market Place, Agra
- Market Square in Front of the Sacristy and Doorway of the Cathedral, Granada 1880
- Mogul's Elephant
- Moorish Girl Lying On A Couch Rabat, Morocco
- Moorish Guard
- Moroccan Market, Rabat
- Muttra
- Old Blue Tiled Mosque, Outside of Delhi, India
- On the River Benares
- Open Market, Morocco 1880
- Outside an Indian Dye House
- Palace and Lake at Sarket Ahmedabad, India 1882-93
- Persians Lunching on the Grass, Mt. Ararat in the Distance
- Portico of a Mosque, Ahmedabad
- Powder Play - City of Morocco, outside the Walls 1880-82
- Rahaj Starting on a Hunt
- Royal Elephant at the Gateway to the Jami Masjid, Mathura
- Sarkeh, Ahmedabad, India
- Scene at Sale, Morocco 1879
- Sketch - Two Nautch Girls
- Standing Arab Woman
- Steps of the Mosque Vazirkham, Lahore
- Street Scene In India
- Street Scene, Bombay
- Street Vendor, Ahmedabad 1885
- The Arab Gunsmith 1880
- The Barge Of The Maharaja Of Benares c.1883
- The Camel Rider 1875
- The Golden Temple, Amritsar 1890
- The Last Voyage, A Souvenir of the Ganges 1884
- The Maharahaj of Gwalior Before His Palace c.1887
- The Metalsmith's Shop
- The Moorish Bazaar
- The Return of the Imperial Court from the Great Mosque at Delhi, in the Reign of Shah Jehan Seventeenth Century 1886
- The Rider
- The Silk Merchants
- The Snake Charmers, Bombay
- The Temple And Tank Of Walkeshwar At Bombay c.1884
- The Temples and Tank of Walkeshwar at Bombay 1884
- Traveling in Persia 1895
- Two Arabs reading in a Courtyard
- Village in Atlas Mountains, Morocco
- Water Carriers Of The Ganges
- Wedding Procession, Jodhpur
- White Marble Tomb at Suittitor, Skiri 1883
- Winter Landscape 1866
- Woman's Bathing Place i Oodeypore, India 1895