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  Biography of Francesco Trevisani  

Francesco Trevisani

 Text list of Francesco Trevisani oil paintings
- Apelles Painting Campaspe 1720
- Apollo and Daphne
- Capo D’Istria 1656 – 1746 Rome
- Cornice Antica
- Cristo morto sostenuto dagli angeli (The dead Christ sustained by angels)
- Dead Christ Supported by Angels
- Die hl. Maria Aegyptiaca
- Festino di Marcantonio e Cleopatra (1702)
- Il Miracolo del Corporale
- Jasephs Dream
- Le sommeil de l'enfant Jesus
- L'enfant Jesus Designant a la Vierge les Fleurs de la Passion
- Madonna and Sewing with Child
- Madonna mit Kind und Johannesknaben
- Madonna with the Saints
- Peter Baptizing the Centurian Cornelius (1709)
- Sacra Famiglia
- St. Francis in Penitence (c. 1695-1700)
- St. Francis in Penitence, c. 1695-1700
- St. Joseph's Dream (c. 1690)
- St. Mary Magdalene in Penitence, c. 1710-1715
- The Banquet of Mark Antony and Clepatra
- The Baptism of Christ, 1723
- The Holy Family with Saint John the Baptist
- The Holy Family with Saint Anne, Joachim, and John the Baptist (c. 1729)
- The Infant Jesus sleeping (1709)
- The Mocking of Christ
- The Raising of Lazarus
- Zavrazdeni sv. Voclava
 Featured oil paintings of Francesco Trevisani
The Baptism<br>of Christ, <br>1723
The Baptism
of Christ,