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  Biography of Carl Spitzweg  

Carl Spitzweg

 Text list of Carl Spitzweg oil paintings
- A Bookwarm
- A Butterfly Catcher
- A Coach
- A Concert
- A Copiest
- A Geologist
- A Girl with a Goat
- A Guest
- A Hermit Playing Violine
- A Hunter Gazing at the Girl
- A Love Letter
- A Mill in the Mountains
- A Painter in the Garden
- A Picnic
- A Poor Poet
- A Prayer of a Peasant Girl in the Forest
- A Serenade
- A Serenade
- A Sleeping Night Watchman
- A Sleeping Sentry
- A Street Musician
- A Trip to Mountains
- A Trouter
- A White Stork
- A Widower
- An Alchemist
- An Eternal Fiance
- An Intercepted Love Letter
- Art and Science
- Art and Science
- Cactuses Lover
- Custom watchman
- Der abgefangene Liebesbrief
- Der arme Poet
- Der ewige Hochzeiter
- Der ewige Hochzeiter
- Der Husar
- Der Pensionist
- Englishmen in the Neighbourhoods of Rome
- Es brennt
- Female Bathhouse in Diepp III
- Fishing monk
- He is Going
- Im Dachstubchen
- In Harem
- In the Garden
- In the Wings
- Italian Street Singer
- Laundresses at the Well
- Lent Wednesday
- Mr Pastor is Fond of Cactuses
- Newspaper Reader in the Garden
- Oh It Was a Cause A Patrol Knitter
- On the Eve of the Thunderstorm
- Papal Custom Officials
- Portrait Painter
- Post Office
- Sleeping night watchman
- Strange Clouds
- Sunday Walk
- Sunday Walk 2
- Swimming Nymphes
- The hypochondriac
- The Custom House in Tyrol Zirl Somehow Trip
- The Messenger in Rozentale
- The Old Monk is in front of the Cell
- The patrol
- The Rest in the Vineyard
- The Road to the Chirch
- The serenade
- The Tirol Custom House
- The Visit of Prince
- The Walk of the Girl Students
- There are No Roses without Thorns
- Where is the Pass