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  Biography of Domenichino  

(Italian 1581-1641)

 Text list of Domenichino oil paintings
- A Triumphal Arch of Allegories 1607-10
- Adam and Eve 1623-25
- Diana and her Nymphs 1616-17
- Landscape with Ford c. 1603
- Landscape with Tobias Laying Hold of the Fish, 1617-18
- Madonna and Child with St Petronius and St John the Baptist 1629
- Portrait of Cardinal Agucchi 1605
- Saint Agnes c. 1620
- St Cecilia 1617-18
- The Assumption of Mary Magdalene into Heaven, 1620
- The Cumaean Sibyl c. 1610
- The Maiden and the Unicorn c. 1602
- The Repose of Venus
- The Sacrifice of Isaac 1627-28