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  Biography of Fra Angelico  

Fra Angelico

 Text list of Fra Angelico oil paintings
- Annunciation 1439-1443
- Chapel of San Brizio (Detail) 1447
- Chapel of San Brizio (Detail) 1447
- Christ Resurrected and the Maries at the Tomb 1439-1443
- Coronation of the Virgin 1439-1443
- Crucified Christ with Saint John the Evangelist, the Virgin, and Saints Dominic and Jerome 1439-1443
- Lamentation 1439-1443
- Mocking of Christ with the Virgin and Saint Dominic 1439-1443
- Nativity 1439-1443
- Noli Me Tangere 1425-30
- Presentation in the Temple (left) 1425-30
- Saint Anthony the Abbott Tempted by a Lump of Gold c.1430
- Saint Lawrence Giving Alms c.1450s
- Saint Lawrence Receiving the Treasures of the Church from Pope Sixtus II c.1450s
- San Marco Altarpiece 1438-40
- San Marco Altarpiece 1438-40
- Stoning of Saint Stephen c.1450s
- The Ordination of Saint Lawrence c.1450s
- Transfiguration 1439-1443