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  Biography of Gerard, Baron Francois  

Gerard, Baron Francois
(French, 1770-1837)

 Text list of Gerard, Baron Francois oil paintings
- Alexander I of Russia
- Caroline Murat and her Children 1808
- Caroline Murat And Her Children 1808
- Caroline Bonaparte
- Charles Andre
- Constance Ossolinska Lubienska 1814
- Corinne at Cape Miseno 1819
- Corinne at Cape Miseno 1819
- Cupid and Psyche 1798
- Desiree Clary
- Empress Josephine
- General Jean Victor Moreau
- Hortense de Beauharnais
- Jean Baptist Isabey Miniaturist with his Daughter 1795
- Jean-Baptist Isabey, Miniaturist, with his Daughter 1795
- Joachim Mura
- Joachim Murat
- Joseph Bonaparte
- Joseph Recognised by his Brothers
- La Comtesse Regnault de Saint-Jean d'Angely
- Louis XVIII
- Madame Recamier 1802
- Madame Charles Maurice de Talleyrand Pigord Princesse
- Madame Reamier 1802
- Madame Tallien
- Marie Amelie de Bourbon
- Marie Julie Bonaparte Queen Of Spain With Her Two Daughters
- Marie Laetitia Ramolino
- Marie Louise
- Napoleon Bonaparte
- Napoleon I
- On the Bank of the Lora Ossian Conjures up a Spirit with the Sound of hisHarp 1811
- Ossian Awakening the Spirits on the Banks of the Lora with the Sound of his Harp after 1801
- Portrait of a Lady in an Empire Dress
- Portrait Of A Woman 1810
- Portrait of Baron Antoine Jean Gros
- Portrait of Catherine Worlee, Princesse de Talleyrand- Perigord 1804-05
- Portrait Of Catherine Starzenska 1803
- Portrait Of Count Reynault De Saint Jean Dangely 1808
- Portrait of Jerome Bonaparte
- Portrait Of Josephine Wife Of Napoleon At Malmaison 1801
- Portrait of Madame de la Pleigne
- Portrait of Marie Laczinska
- Portrait Of The Painter Jean Baptiste Isabey (1767-1855) With His Daughter 1795
- Portrait Of Y A Tatishcheva 1810s
- Portrait of Caroline Murat
- Portrait Of Countess Regnault De Saint Jean DAngely
- Portrait of Madame Recamier
- Psyche Receiving the First Kiss of Cupid 1798
- Seated Portrait of Marie Philippe Claude Walbonne
- St Theresa 1827
- The Coronation of Charles X 1827