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  Biography of Giordano, Luca  

Giordano, Luca
(Italian, 1632-1705)

 Text list of Giordano, Luca oil paintings
- A Cynical Philospher
- Christ Cleansing the Temple
- Crucifixion of St. Peter c. 1660
- Perseus Fighting Phineus and his Companions c. 1670
- Psyche Honoured by the People 1692-1702
- Psyche Served by Invisible Spirits 1692-1702
- Psyche's Parents Offering Sacrifice to Apollo 1692-1702
- The Dream of Solomon c. 1693
- The Fall of the Rebel Angels 1666
- The Forge of Vulcan
- The Good Samaritan 1685
- The Philosopher Cratetes c. 1650
- Venus Punishing Psyche with a Task 1692-1702
- Venus, Cupid and Mars