100% Hand Painted Oil Painting Reproductions, Museum Quality Masterpieces!


Inside Our Studio

Our Painting Studio

We set up our own oil painting studios back in 2003 to allow us to provide the best quality art. Unlike the vast majority of companies out there we do not rely on third party suppliers, having learned early on that the only way to guarantee quality (essential when offering a money back guarantee!) was to create art in house.

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There were two challenges. The first, and most difficult, was finding the right artists to work with. After extensive travel around the areas known to be artistic hotbeds we found the perfect place. Not only did it have a rich history of producing art (and some of the best university art programs), it also had a large and vibrant artist community. By interviewing, testing, and word of mouth we managed to put together our team. Happily, 15 years on many of the original artists are STILL with us!


The second challenge was finding the right place. It needed to be large and airy enough, but also quiet and with the right atmosphere – we were, after all, producing art and not doing manufacturing. Happily, we were very fortunate to find…

…Our beautiful oil painting studio

The studios are roomy and comfortable, set in a quiet location ideal for the work we do.

We have numerous visitors here, including members of the press and TV (Discovery, various local news outlets) as well as numerous retail and corporate customers.

Having the paintings produced in the same place allows us to check quality, keep customers updated, and identify problems earlier than if they were done elsewhere.