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Our Artists

Meet The Artists

We’re proud of our artistic team here. From the early days where there were just three of us, to today where we have over 30 artists in house and more available for large projects, we’ve always followed the principle that only by recruiting the best talent can one get the best results.

Those same three artists are still here, by the way. That’s because we make sure team members are valued, given the best environment and materials, and respected. The result is that they rarely leave, with a few notable exceptions where the artist has gotten their big break and gone onto better things!

In addition to our oil painting team we work with a number of digital artists. We seek out the best and have been fortunate to locate some truly outstanding talents. Being able to offer digital paintings and mixed media allows us to create custom paintings and prints more easily than ever before, giving us increased flexibility and the ability to provide a full range of art solutions for any project big or small.

The average artist is either a college graduate in art, or has served an apprenticeship with a recognized master artist (in the case of the traditional oil on canvas artists).

We have offices and artists in Asia, Europe, and the US.