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  Hand Painted oil painting reproductions   Ever wanted to own a masterpiece oil painting, such as "Mona Lisa" by Da Vinci," The Starry Night" by Van Gogh, or " The Kiss" by Klimt?

Enjoy the beauty of your own hand-painted oil painting reproduction of the Great Masters , realize the dream of hanging the perfect work of the art in your home or office . Now,you are at the right place to chose from over 30,000 oil paintings .
Angel Art House provides museum quality oil paintings for art lovers around the World. Most of our oil paintings are  reproductions of masterpiece and famous oil painting.  Everything from classical era, through impressionism , up to today's modern art.

We also create oil paintings from your favorite photographs. Paintings come in any sizes the customer required.

All our oil paintings are entirely hand painted by talented and experienced artists , using only the finest quality linen canvas.
experienced oil painting artist

The museum quality comes from the eyes, skills , experience and knowledge of our talented artists . The oil painting reproductions should be very close to the original oil paintings in color , style and texture. You can see and feel the brush strokes. It is a real oil painting. Click here to check our oil paintings quality. .

The colorful , rich and affordable oil painting artwork could create the perfect touch to enhance the interior decor and style of your home or office. It also makes a wonderful and lasting gift.



Please see what some of our satisfied clients say by visiting our testimonial page

"I am absolutely delighted with both the quality and the professionalism of the work. Please thank your Artists for their care and attention to detail."

"I just received my First order and I am extremely pleased. The quality is outstanding! I'm looking forward to purchasing many more pieces of art from you. Thank you!"

"I have now received and hung the framed Monet and Matisse replica paintings. They really are very, very well done and are the source of continuous pleasure to behold. If at all possible, please thank your artist for all their terrific work."
Featured oil paintings

The Road Across 
The Worlds

The Road Across <br>The Worlds Oil Painting reproduction by Hockney, David

Our Price:299US$(235€)
Untitled (Skull),

The Road Across <br>The Worlds Oil Painting reproduction by Hockney, David

Our Price:449US$(354€)
The Thankful 
Poor 1894

The Road Across <br>The Worlds Oil Painting reproduction by Hockney, David

Our Price:279US$(220€)
Best selling oil paintings
The Starry Night Oil Painting reproduction by Van Gogh,Vincent
The Starry Night
Van Gogh,Vincent
Size:24x36 inch
Our price:219US$(172€)
Song of 
the Angels 
1881   Oil Painting reproduction by Bouguereau, William
Song of 
the Angels 
Bouguereau, William
Size:24x36 inch
Our price:279US$(220€)
The Thankful 
Poor 1894 Oil Painting reproduction by Tanner, Henry Ossawa
The Thankful 
Poor 1894
Tanner, Henry Ossawa
Size:24x36 inch
Our price:279US$(220€)
La Classe 
De Danse 
(The Dance
c. 1873-75    Oil Painting reproduction by Degas, Edgar
La Classe 
De Danse 
(The Dance
c. 1873-75   
Degas, Edgar
Size:24x36 inch
Our price:249US$(196€)
Nafea Faa ipoipo
(When will You 
Marry),1892 Oil Painting reproduction by Gauguin,Paul
Nafea Faa ipoipo
(When will You 
Size:24x36 inch
Our price:249US$(196€)
The bathroom 1989 Oil Painting reproduction by Botero, Fernando
The bathroom 1989
Botero, Fernando
Size:24x36 inch
Our price:219US$(172€)
Landscape Noon
The Hay-Wain 
1821  Oil Painting reproduction by Constable, John
Landscape Noon
The Hay-Wain 
Constable, John
Size:24x36 inch
Our price:269US$(212€)
The Birth of 
Venus c.1485 Oil Painting reproduction by Botticelli,Sandro
The Birth of 
Venus c.1485
Size:24x36 inch
Our price:299US$(235€)

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